Detailing services by Lusso

If you’re looking for the highest attention to detail and unmatched customer service then there's no better place to have your car detailed than Lusso Auto Spa. Using only industry leading products and techniques, every car that leaves Lusso receives the same attention to detail and care regardless of the badge on the hood.

Our Lusso Signature Wash includes:

An exterior foam bath, gentle hand wash with water treated with both reverse osmosis and deionization to remove impurities, an air dry with filtered air, interior & exterior window cleaning, door jam and trunk jam cleaning, light interior wipe down, vacuumed carpets and floor mats, and wheel cleaning with included tire dressing.

Our signature washes start at $38, for specific pricing information visit our pricing page here.

Interior Detailing:

Our interior detailing services start at $145 and vary with pricing depending on the condition of the interior that is to be detailed and the size of the vehicle.