Paint Correction

Our philosophy is simple, zero shortcuts.

Overtime, your car’s paint accumulates scuffs, oxidation, etched-in bird droppings, water spots, and swirls, making it look dated and dull. At Lusso, our paint correction specialists can restore your car’s paint through machine polishing and other paint correction techniques.

Typically, the first step in our paint correction process is speaking or meeting with you to learn about your paint’s condition and your paint correction goals. After that, we would schedule and complete a thorough assessment of your car’s paint. The paint correction process involves the removal of microscopic layers of paint to smooth away and erase from it light oxidation, scratches, and scuff marks. Before beginning, we measure your paint’s thickness to make sure it’s thick enough for polishing.

Most often we find cars that would benefit from polishing, but we always discuss our findings with you to not only keep you informed but to also tailor services to what would benefit your vehicle the most. At Lusso, our paint correction specialists combine time-proven conservative techniques with leading edge products and tools. We choose patience over brawn, allowing the tools and products to do the work.