Window Tint

There are many different reasons to have your windows tinted in the Las Vegas valley, but whether it's for protection, privacy, or to attain a custom look, Lusso Auto Spa has you covered.

While some may prefer to tint their windows because of privacy, there is a certain benefit that outweighs all others. The ability to block heat from the Sun’s aggressive rays. This however begs the question; how do you choose the best film?

Non-Ceramic Films

These are made from polyester sheets which are dyed to specific gradations, from lighter to darker, and are made in different colors. Non-Ceramic films are ideal for people who want privacy but are not concerned about UV light or Infrared light rejection. These films will fade over time and need to be replaced after two to 3 years.

Ceramic Films

Ceramic tint is more durable, reduces heat by up to 85%, and offers 99% UV Protection. Another great benefit of ceramic tint is the ability to keep and have all the amazing properties discussed above without necessarily needing to have the darkest shade.

At Lusso, we provide a wide variety of state-of-the-art window films, be sure to contact us for quotes and scheduling as our pricing is only available with a consultation.

Standard Films: Ceramic & Non-Ceramic, Suntek, Xpel
Premium Films: Dub IR, Xpel Plus, 3M